Shari Hughson

spirited and bold.


How a life full of extreme adventure, survival through instinct, and entrepreneurship led to an evolutionary experience and a unique perspective on humankind’s greatest survival instinct.


From a boardroom to the bush and back again.

I have lived a life full of extremes and it has undoubtedly contributed to my rare perspective on life. I have been successful in the capitalist world and also lived an environmentalist’s dream. I’ve been an entrepreneur, intrapreneur, social advocate and innovator and I have grown profitable businesses from 0 to M’s. I have the mind of an entrepreneur, the heart of a nurse and the spirit of an adventurer.

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Life is an evolution. I’ve been a pioneer and a business woman. I’ve lived with comfort and with bare survival essentials. It’s through that journey which I have discovered that the best solutions are often down an entirely new path.



Photo Courtesy of TEDx Queensu

Photo Courtesy of TEDx Queensu

Photo courtesy of TEDx Queenu; art by Charlotte Smith Art

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My unique and extreme experiences in life have led to a perspective unlike many others. Notably, my curiosity about people and the planet has let me live experiments and adventures that have helped me develop an understanding of humankind’s ability to innovate. If you are interested in booking me as a speaker, please get in touch with me by filling out the form below.

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